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We invented “total lot” key maintenance, and it’s made Car Keys Express America's fastest-growing dealership vendor.

The Challenges:

Car Keys Express is revolutionizing the way dealerships handle key and remote replacement by offering a unique, breakthrough solution—prices so low we can maintain your lot each week with complete sets of keys and remotes for what you’d normally pay for just a few due bill keys.

Like most pre-owned dealerships, you’re missing keys and/or remotes for about 40% of the vehicles on your lot. That means every day you’re disappointing 40% of your car-buying customers over missing keys once they learn they’re getting an incomplete set. Today’s car buyers are educated—they know keys and remotes are expensive and they’re not afraid to ask about them. They could ask on the lot. They could ask at the negotiating table. They could even call back weeks after they’ve taken delivery of the vehicle. Once you do get stuck with those occasional due bills, you get the added pain of dealing with the time and hassle that comes with fixing each one.

The Solution:

Car Keys Express has a highly-specialized purpose—providing the highest quality, lowest-priced keys and remotes for car dealerships. We’ve developed a unique service that’s time-tested and market-proven. Our technicians stop by weekly and maintain a dealership’s entire pre-owned inventory with complete sets of keys and remotes for the same cost as a few due bill keys. We fill in the gaps in your key cabinet to get your keychains “up to snuff” so you can get ahead of key problems before they happen. Maintaining complete sets of keys and remotes for car dealers is what we do. We’re a nationwide company—the only company of its kind.

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Benefits of Total Lot Coverage

  • No more arguments with customers over key issues.

    Whether it’s before or after the sale, at some point your paying customers learn they’ve been shorted on keys or remotes. These days it seems everyone knows a horror story of a $400 key replacement. Avoid “showroom showdowns”—for a couple hundred dollars per week, you can prove you recondition your cars better than the competition.
  • Sell the idea of having better quality cars.

    Having complete sets of keys makes a car more "like new" and hassle-free for the customer. It’s such a big deal for car shoppers, almost every car manufacturer requires their dealers supply certified vehicles with complete sets of keys and remotes. And for good reasons—it projects the image of a well-maintained, fully reconditioned vehicle. It also enhances the buying experience. Our clients tell their customers: "We treat all our pre-owned cars like certifieds.
  • Eliminate the time, expense, and hassle of due bills/we owes.

    Half our clients call them “due bills”, the other half calls them “we owes”—that’s where the disagreement ends. Everyone understands extra work after the sale isn’t merely an annoyance—it’s an expensive distraction from more important business. Car Keys Express lets you finally say “goodbye” to waiting for expensive vendors or worse—sending your customers’ cars to competitors to have keys made.
  • Have a backup set of keys on the property.

    You can’t sell a car you can’t demo. Every manager occasionally faces a situation where keys are misplaced or lost. Having full, complete sets of keys allows you all the conveniences of having a backup set on the property.
  • Better online reputation.

    We hear about it every day: More and more, angry car-buyers are leaving negative reviews over being "shorted" keys. All negative reviews accumulate over time, and discourage car shoppers from buying from you.

Car Keys Express focuses on the satisfaction of our client, not independent franchisees.

Car Keys Express technicians are employees of our company. Since it’s inception, we decided to run Car Keys Express as a stand-alone company operation rather than a franchise. We wanted complete control over the quality delivered to our customers, and wanted to eliminate the possibility that the franchisee’s best interests would be served at the expense of the client’s. Unlike independent operations or franchisees, we have standard, set prices which won’t be changed. Standardization has worked for us, resulting in higher efficiencies, and a more standardized, professional product and presentation. Standardization has been the key to our growth and success— from hiring and training, inventory, equipment, uniforms our technicians wear, even the graphics on our identically matched fleet of vans.
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The world's largest, most trusted key replacement company.

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Good Words

"We have a zero-tolerance for what we call 'customer-objectionable' defects in our used inventory like a door ding, water in the tail light, etc. Keys and remotes were the only thing we let go. Now all the cars are complete—just like our certifieds. The "ups" love it—the prices make it a no-brainer."

- Steve H.
Used Car Manager Ford Dealer

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