iKeyless launches Solid Keys USA

Louisville, KY USA: iKeyless announces Solid Keys USA, a design and development unit. Solid Keys USA is America’s newest key producer and a genuine innovator, leveraging applied sciences and novel technologies to create products marketed to locksmiths, and automotive repair professionals.

“The past decade has seen automotive key systems transition from traditional separate key/remote systems to integrated remote-head keys, directly contributing to skyrocketing inventory costs suffered by professionals,” said Mark Lanwehr, Founder and CEO of iKeyless, LLC.

“Solid Keys will develop new and innovative products that keep pace with changing technologies, and offer high-quality, affordable, FCC-certified products that will satisfy their customers’ needs,” he continued.

Solid Keys USA is producing a series of the world's first Universal Car Keys. This technological breakthrough allows for many keys of varying manufacturers, makes and models to be combined into a limited number of universal keys. This reduction in stock will enable locksmiths, auto repair shops, and retailers to enter the automotive key and remote business by dramatically decreasing their startup and stock costs. The first Universal Car Keys will debut at the Aftermarket Automotive Product Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas November 3-5, 2015.