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Why we're different:

100% of major car dealership groups
use Car Keys Express.

Our unique Total Lot Coverage key maintenance program is revolutionizing the way
America’s most successful auto dealerships manage key replacement.

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The world's largest, most trusted key replacement company.

America’s only nationwide discount provider of keys and remotes.

Car Keys Express: A technology company for automotive keys coming of age.

Keys with sophisticated technologies, once reserved for luxury cars, are becoming standard equipment on every vehicle—even on bargain brands. As a result, prices are rising faster than any time in history. Also, traditional vendors are unable to stock these increasingly rare and expensive keys.

Car Keys Express has a highly-specialized purpose—onsite key replacement using the most advanced keys. We’ve developed a unique, time-tested and market-proven business model which allows us to charge 40-70% less than traditional vendors.

Our global tech leadership earns you benefits.

  • We’re the only mobile key vendor that’s also a key manufacturer and world leader in emerging key technologies.
  • We make the world’s first and only Universal Car Remote and Universal Car Keys.
  • We manufacture aftermarket versions of OEM remote keys.
  • We developed unique technologies allowing us to remanufacture genuine, OEM keys.

The future of car keys brings even more advanced technology with no end in sight, adding uncertainty to your key replacement efforts. Insulate yourself from future rising key costs by partnering with a proven global technology leader. You’ll be in good company. The most successful dealerships and fleet operators use Car Keys Express.

How We Do It

  • We manufacture keys.

    We make keys, eliminate the middleman, and pass the savings onto you. Car Keys Express manufactures the world’s only line of aftermarket versions of hard-to-find replacement keys. Unique in the industry, we insulate you from the high cost of replacing keys—today and into the future.
  • We re-manufacture keys.

    Our Research and Development division creates proprietary methods allowing us to recondition the costliest keys, enabling us to dramatically reduce your costs. This technology is unique to Car Keys Express, earning our clients huge price breaks. No other vendor offers these technologies.
  • We're Specialists.

    Key replacement is the most challenging part of a vehicle’s reconditioning process. From the constantly-evolving technology built into keys, to the special computers used to program them, today it pays to go with a true specialist and technology pioneer. We’re the industry’s only independent company dedicated to a single purpose: key replacement of the most advanced keys.
  • We're Sourcing Experts.

    We’re the largest buyer of replacement keys and remotes on the planet. We have the industry’s best selection at your door every day—guaranteed. We offer an industry-unique choice of new OEM keys, the highest quality aftermarket keys, and reconditioned OEM keys—In stock, on your lot.
  • Efficiency.

    We've taken years to develop and streamline processes resulting in the world’s largest, most trusted key replacement company.
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