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Dealership Services

Car Keys Express is revolutionizing the way dealerships handle key and remote replacement by offering a breakthrough solution—prices so low we can maintain your entire lot each week for what you’d normally pay for just a few due bill keys. Look inside to see what makes Car Keys Express America’s fastest-growing dealership vendor.

Car Rental Agencies

Rental car agencies face a unique set of challenges when it comes to replacing keys for their fleet vehicles and Car Keys Express delivers. We’re a nationwide company serving thousands of retail and fleet operations from coast-to-coast. Our huge buying power and super-efficient operations means the lowest possible prices–guaranteed. Our clients enjoy the ease of working with a single company rather than a multitude of small outfits.

Corporate Fleets

From corporate fleets big and small, to Federal, State, and Local fleets and motor pools—we’ve got the experience to handle all varieties of fleet vehicle key replacement. We please the most cautious budget-minded private and public fleet managers. Our nationwide coverage means finally working with just one entity.

Dealership Keys and Remotes—For Less.

Unlike dealership parts departments, Car Keys Express has a highly-specialized, single purpose—to make the lowest-priced duplicates of keys and remotes for car dealerships and large fleets. We’ve developed a unique, time-tested and market-proven business model which allows us to typically charge 40-70 percent less than other vendors. Car Keys Express does this while maintaining a near-zero backorder rate.

Cutting-edge inventory suppliers. We pride ourselves in identifying, then engaging the most forward-looking suppliers in the world—no matter where they are. Car Keys Express has the most advanced inventory-acquisition chain in the industry—with a global reach. We’re consistently “first to market” with the latest keys and keyless entry remotes.

The latest technology, lowest prices. Car Keys Express uses the best and latest technology on the market. Our Research and Development department leverages technology, creating proprietary process enabling us to slash operating costs, passing the savings to our clients. No other provider in the industry does this, giving Car Keys Express a competitive advantage which translates to the lowest-possible prices for our clients.

Fully-stocked vans. Unlike every other mobile operation in the country, Car Keys Express vans are stocked with a comprehensive variety of keys and keyless remotes. While a typical operation stocks 50-100 skus, Car Keys Express vans stock over 500. We have inventory to service 97% of the vehicles on the road in every Car Keys Express van—every day. This results in the lowest backorder rate in the business—virtually zero.

Car Keys Express has perfected “inventory mapping” which predicts required inventory levels based on real-time demand. This allows us to maximize the efficient use of space on the van, which in turn allows us to service more vehicles without resorting to back-orders.

We make it easy. Car Keys Express has a modern, updated fully-functional website which allows your managers to schedule appointments and track payments online 24-7.

More keys in stock AND at lower prices. Why not try us today?

How We Do It

  • High Volume, Low Price.

    We have it all —"In Stock, On Your Lot." With low enough prices allowing you to spend less than you would "putting out fires".
  • We Buy in Bulk

    Car Keys Express is the largest buyer of replacement keys and remotes on the planet. We've taken years to cultivate a group of suppliers earning us the lowest possible prices.
  • We leverage technology.

    Our Research and Development division leverages technology, creating proprietary processes enabling us to dramatically reduce costs. No other provider in the industry meets
    the level of technological commitment as Car Keys Express. This gives Car Keys Express a huge competitive advantage resulting in guaranteed lowest prices for our clients.
  • Efficiency

    We've taken years to develop and streamline processes resulting in a super-efficient operation.
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