We rise above the competition with unbeatable supply, coverage, price, and support.

A recent case study compared our competitor’s Direct Purchase solution to Car Keys Express Direct and Van Service. Results of the study show Car Keys Express consistently saved the operation time, expense, and hassle versus the competitor’s solution.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Streamline Operations

Lower Costs

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Feedback from our competitor’s former customers indicates an average 10% of keys and remotes ordered from the vendor were not in stock. What’s worse, many times unavailability isn’t discovered until the next day. These delays in inventory supply mean lost rental revenue and could have additional cost implications if the customer decides to have an OEM key overnighted or has to tow the vehicle to the dealership. Car Keys Express offers a 96% in-stock rate for all keys in our van inventory. Many times, same-day van service is available.

Streamline Operations

When you’re cutting keys in house, staying up-to-date on the latest equipment and training can be difficult. Whether we provide backup van service or ship needed devices, Car Keys Express will save your operation the time, expense, and hassle of towing a vehicle to the dealership and waiting for key service. We’re the world’s largest key replacement company. With over 450 employees dedicated to keys, we’re THE industry experts. We are consistently first to market with the devices and programming equipment knowledge to cover the latest models and luxury brands. We even offer online and hands-on training for your employees.

Technical Support

Unlike our competitor, keys are all we do. Key replacement can be complex, especially if you work with a vendor who isn’t a key expert. Car Keys Express can save you time, money, and hassle with expert technical support. We’re in over 8,000 cities in the U.S. and Canada, cutting thousands of keys every day. We have more technical experience and industry knowledge than any other key vendor. Our in-house technical support team is just a phone call away when your employees need help cutting or programming a key.

Local Support

Our competitor can’t offer backup van service when you need it. We have hundreds of technicians across the country, driving vans stocked with over 5,000 of the most common keys. Whether you miscut the last key in inventory or are having issues programming a smart key, when you're in a pinch, we’re just around the corner.

Lower Costs

Our competitor’s key replacement service is not the most cost effective solution. No matter which key replacement solution you choose—direct purchase or van service—it’s easier and costs less with Car Keys Express. Our direct purchase pricing is, on average, 30% less than the competition. Our signature van service also costs less than the competitor’s solution and is comparable to Car Keys Express Direct. Both solutions offer your operation significant cost savings.


The table below reflects average costs associated with our competitor’s Direct Purchase, Car Keys Express Direct, and Car Keys Express Van Service.

Competitor's Direct

Car Keys Express Direct

Car Keys Express Van Service
Keys 1 $69.89 $50.97
Labor (selection & cutting) 2 $9.23 $9.23
Labor (locating & programming) 3 $12.30 $12.30
Training 4 $0.55 $0.55
Dealership Keys 5 $60.75 $4.05
Backup Van Service 6 $14.57
Towing 7 $12.75 $0.85
Miscuts 8 $2.28 $1.93
Defective Keys 9 $3.25 $0.00
Cutting Equipment 10 $0.75 $0.75
Programming Equipment 11 $0.83 $0.83
Programming Tokens/Fees 12 $0.22 $0.22
Key Codes 14 $0.38 $0.63
Daily Depreciation 13 $50.00 $0.00
Mobile Vans 15 $$ $$
TOTAL COST $223.16 $96.86 $104.04


  1. 1. Average based on price of the 20 most common smart keys.
  2. 2. $25 hourly rate. Includes 18 minutes to identify appropriate key, find inventory, input key code, and cut.
  3. 3. $25 hourly rate. Includes 24 minutes to locate vehicle, attach equipment, run software and program key, test, reorder, and restock. Programming typically takes 4 minutes, but certain brands (e.g., Ford) can take up to 15 minutes.
  4. 4. 4 employees, 8 hours per year, 1 training per key.
  5. 5. With our competitor’s solution, dealership services are needed for 15% of keys. With Car Keys Express, dealership services are needed for only 1% of keys. Average cost assumed is $405 per key.
  6. 6. Backup van service is available for many “dealership only” keys, at average Car Keys Express cost.
  7. 7. 15% of vehicles that are “dealership only” at $85 per tow.
  8. 8. 3.5% miscut rate.
  9. 9. 5% from our competitor and 0% from Car Keys Express.
  10. 10. $7,800 over 5-year life.
  11. 11. $4,500 up front purchase cost and 3-year equipment life for 3 programmers.
  12. 12. Average $435 per month, including SmartBox ($250 per month) and WiTech2 ($185 per month).
  13. 13. 25% of vehicles require origination. Group 32 doesn’t have codes for 10% of these vehicles.
  14. 14. Average $50 per day of lost rental revenue due to vehicle needing a key.
  15. 15. Facilities with multiple lots require vans. The annual cost associated includes maintenance ($11,250) and fuel ($8,250) for an annual cost in excess of $19,500.
  16. 16. All line items included in per-key total cost.



Management, restocking, out of stock inventory, storage space, logistics, new vehicle device scarcity.

Data Management

Inventory updates, NASTF and other required credentials, PIN codes.


Maintenance, troubleshooting, updates, downtime.


Costly damage to vehicle computers, loss of rental revenue


Turnover, truancy, training, loss of productivity on non-key tasks, continuing education for equipment and inventory updates.


Bottom line, no matter which key replacement solution is right for your operation—direct purchase or van service—it’s easier and costs less with Car Keys Express.