Keys NOW! is a revolutionary automated car and house key duplication machine that simplifies key replacement for retailers and gives consumers an easier, less expensive alternative to a dealership service appointment. It’s the first and only key machine that cuts both house keys and car keys in a single, fully-automated device that any associate can operate. It’s as easy to use as a microwave—open the door, insert the key, and stand back. Keys NOW! does the rest. Keys NOW! comes complete with an integrated inventory storage system. Retailers enjoy high margins, incremental sales, and increased foot traffic. Now, it’s easier than ever for retailers to enter the multi-billion dollar car key industry.



The Keys NOW!™ Vending Machine is a fully automated vending machine that instantly duplicates and dispenses automotive and residential keys. The Keys NOW! Vending Machine has a fully-integrated design, starting with an easy-to-use consumer interface. Inside, it uses unique imaging technology and next-generation robotics for cutting and inventory storage. The Keys NOW! Vending Machine simplifies key replacement for retailers, allowing them to cover up to 170 million vehicles with no investment in inventory, tools, or staff training. It offers consumers an alternative to the time, expense, and hassle of a car dealership service appointment. Retailers enjoy more foot traffic, more sales, and much higher revenue shares than traditional residential-only key vending machines.