Retailer Referral Terms and Conditions


Customers registered in the Car Keys Express referral program receive a default 10% commission on all direct sales generated by their personalized offer codes. That 10% is based on the total shopping cart value at the time of checkout. An example would be a $250 shopping cart would in turn pay the registered account $25. Payments are paid in batches on a monthly basis. Registered customers will receive commission for all orders at that time.

Processing Times

Payments are processed in 30 days following the close of each month. At the end of each month, your total is updated and the payment begins its processing. Within 30 days you will be paid one of two ways: a check mailed to your registered address or a direct ACH deposit if you have registered. In addition to the processing time for the payment, shipping and handling times are variable for mailed checks. For faster payments, please register for ACH payments.

Refunds, Cancellations and Incomplete Orders

If your referred customers return their order, cancel their orders or do not supply Car Keys Express with the necessary information to process their orders: then the commission from those orders will be subtracted from your upcoming commission payment. Any payment period may be affected by the refunds or cancellations of orders from previous payment periods.


Car Keys Express maintains the right to adjust or alter the program, commission rates, processes or any step involved at any time without prior notice. Car Keys Express also maintains the right to close any registered accounts, for any reason and at any time without prior notice.


Any suspected fraudulent activity, manipulation or unusual use of the Car Keys Express Referral Program leading to an internal investigation will result in a permanent suspension from the program. Car Keys Express will retain any commission balance in such an event and will not be held liable nor pay out any amounts.