Unlocked: Multibillion dollar retail opportunity

For the first time in 30 years, real automotive key replacement is coming back to retailers.

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Car Keys Express NOW is an easy-to-use turn key system giving you the tools, keys, and expertise to enter the multibillion-dollar automotive key replacement industry.


conversions prove the "dealership monopoly" is finally being broken.

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Out of our van, into your store.

Since 2008, we've been revolutionizing the mobile key replacement industry with our discount service. Car Keys Express NOW! combines the compact systems that turned us into a nationwide success with our unique universal keys and remotes, creating a highly efficient, compact solution perfect for retailers. For the first time in modern history, we offer a quarter-billion North American drivers keys at a fraction of the dealership prices.

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CKE NOW Cabinet

Why they'll love it

  • Convenient key replacement in minutes.
  • Great value - 40-70% below dealership prices.
  • High quality, water resistant product.
  • 3-year "better-than-OEM" warranty.
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Why you'll love it

  • Cover up to 94% of your customers
  • Great margins
  • High return on investment
  • 20% conversions
  • Additional foot traffic in your store
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Small Commitment. Big Return.

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Break the dealership monopoly.

Increasing technology in automotive keys has driven up their cost and variety, driving retailers out of the market. For decades, carmakers have enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the replacement key and remote consumer market - until now. Car Key Express NOW! removes these barriers, providing the tools, keys, and expertise to sell the keys of today and tomorrow.

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The industry's best tools and programming equipment.

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Our unique universal products combined with select standard products cover up to 94% of your customers' vehicles.

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Our universal approach to design covers more cars with less SKUs.

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Our nationwide team of technicians are always just around the corner, ready to help with setup, maintenance, and training.

Why Us Today

There are two choices when purchasing new, modern automotive keys—OEM and Car Keys Express NOW! We're the world’s only manufacturer of aftermarket versions of modern car keys, like remote-head keys and smart keys. We have a unique advantage over OEM. Our keys are universal—dramatically reducing inventory cost and complexity—and higher quality, outperforming OEM. We have nearly 100 years of accumulated research and development work invested in creating innovative and industry-changing products.

CKE smart keys
CKE Smart keys

Why Us Tomorrow

We're continuously expanding our product portfolio, resulting in even more vehicle applications—61% coverage of remote-head keys today, 70% coverage in 2018, and 80% coverage in 2020. As auto manufacturers adopt next generation technologies, Car Keys Express NOW! will continue to offer aftermarket solutions at dramatically lower prices, making us the clear choice for keys today and tomorrow.

Beware of Counterfeit Keys

They’re dangerous—counterfeiters cut corners and use inferior components, shortening product life, leaving drivers suddenly stranded.

They’re illegal—the government is actively cracking down, resulting in prosecution and hefty fines.

Car Keys Express Now! is the only choice for legal, responsible, and cost-effective key replacement.


Learn more about the risks of counterfeit keys by visiting FightFakeKeys.org

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