Unlocking Opportunity at Retail

We’re taking the compact key replacement system that made us a nationwide success, and putting it into retail stores.

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Lost keys on parking lot
  • Broken
  • Damaged
  • Lost or missing
  • Additional drivers

Car Keys Express NOW! offers consumers what they want:

  • Convenience of getting key replaced in minutes at their local retailer
  • Great Value at 40%-70% savings over dealership pricing
  • High quality products with superior performance compared to OEM
  • Peace of mind with a 3-year warranty
Lost keys on parking lot

Why Customers NEED this Solution

Car dealerships have had a monopoly on the replacement key consumer market for decades. This has evolved into a frustrating process for consumers, forcing them to deal with the time, expense and hassle of a dealership appointment.

customer and key cabinet

Why us? Why now?

Car Keys Express NOW! takes the compact system that turned us into a nationwide success and puts it into retail stores. Even better, when combined with our UNIQUE UNIVERSAL products, retailers can cover 150 million vehicles on the road today.

Break the Dealership Monopoly on a $1B+ Industry

The Car Keys Express NOW! Removes the Barriers to Entry

Retailer Benefits

  • Additional store traffic
  • Impulse buy resulting in incremental sales
  • Great margins
  • Superior customer experience of traditional replacement methods
van driver and key cabinet
  • Reducing the number of SKUs while maximizing vehicle coverage
  • Minimizing investment in tools and training
  • Simplifying technology required to cut keys

We Make it EASY

This unique program allows retailers to offer convenient and affordable automotive key replacement to consumers for the first time in 30 years.

Refurbished car keys

Simple tools and programming equipment available.

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The right inventory combined with universal products that cover more than 70% of vehicles on the road.


Be ready to cut keys in less than an hour with our online training program.

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Our nationwide team of technicians are always just around the corner, ready to help with setup, maintenance, and training.


We can also provide you with a variety of in-store merchandising options to help drive sales.


Developing solutions for the next generation of keys.

Cover 67 Million vehicles without lifting a finger

Don’t want to cut keys?

The Universal Car Remote by Solid Keys USA

Our Universal Car Remote allows retailers to provide solutions for 67 million vehicles by stocking ONE device. Finally, universal remote technology has come to the automotive world.

  • Customers program it themselves
  • Impulse buy
  • Great margins
  • Display & marketing materials included

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